Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I have a date tonight. My first one in 10 years. Gosh, I hope I remember how to talk to men......

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Meltdown Monday

One of Pie's favorite books of the moment is titled "Mixed up Monday". It's a ESL tome aimed at helping children who primarily speak Spanish understand some of the nuances of the English language. Guess what? It helps my kid with autism understand those nuances too! Our wonderful Librarian Miss N suggested it and Piper has lovingly scripted it and made it part of her daily vocabulary. The book features the members of a family accidentally receiving the wrong bags at the start of thier day and in turn they each have the wrong supplies for participating in thier preffered activity. Their things are all mixed up! One of the girls ends up with her sisters swim suit instead of her dance shoes. The book illuminates how it is possible to make the best of what you've got by using creative problem solving. There are loads of opportunities to create a conversation with your child using the book as a foundation. Wonderful!

This book showed up in our life in a rather ironic way yesterday.

We had a Meltdown Monday.

Piper is usualy quite easy for me to navigate. Sure, I've had my moments. Haven't we all? I have learned from those times past though and I have a TON of patience which really helps. I have been at this for several years and Piper has really progressed. I am not a superwoman, I just know my child very well and I do my best to steer and guide her through the landmines life loves to lay in her path. It is not possible every time, as you know, but I succeed most of the time. Which makes it harder when it bites me in the arse. Ouch.

It began with a little thing, as it always does. A forgotten toy. A rushed exit. A rushed parting of ways. No going back. We must accept the toy is left and begin anew. Move on. Can you see where this is going?


We were out in public of course.  I carry screaming Piper a block to get her in the car where she can rage safely. She yells "get away from me" which is disconcerting to passersby as they think something is amiss. This is when I wish for a sign on a stick, like a protester; "My Child is having a Meltdown, Bring Liquor". We sit in the car for what feels like forever and she is lost, inconsolable and out of reach. She finaly calms enough for me to drive. I start the car and drive a few blocks and she begins screaming with renewed vigor so I pull over.  Next, I do what I am not proud to admit, I lose it all over her there on the side of the road. Ugg. We are both yelling and I tell her I am sick of this crap and she has to calm down. I just want to go home. Yeah, great parenting. I should get an award huh?

 We're finaly calm enough to finish the drive home, both of us red faced and blotchy from crying.

 Piper says, "It was a mixed up Monday".


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Groundhog's Day

I celebrated my 8th wedding anniversary this week. Goundhog's Day 2002. Ironic? Yes. I didn't celebrate it as an anniversary. It's our first year apart leading seperate lives. So what does a newly single lady do on her first wedding anniversary as a unmarried lady? Eat bacon.

I'm not sure what inspired me to eat bacon as a clelebration but it seemed fitting. I invited over some of my close friends (there were 5 of us) and we had a bacon party. Everyone made a dish and there was even bacon chocolate cake (delicious). Piper even ate some!

I din't cry or invest in any sad feelings. I celebrated and enjoyed myself with people who love me and treat me well. What a difference a year can make.