Monday, March 1, 2010

The Date Dish

The date went well, but no fireworks. I did really well with the talking and kept up my side of the conversation. It was fairly easy since he talked about himself almost exclusively. It was hard for me to interject and he seemed to not mind that one bit. It's probably for the best though because it kept me from pontificating about Piper and how facinatingly adorable she can be. He asked me out for a second date and the event did end with a kiss but as I've said no butterflies and no fireworks.

I've decided not to go on date # 2. I recognize he is the kinda guy who needs a mommy and I've done this style of relationship before with little sucess. It's not what I'm looking for this time around. It's less than I deserve and certainly less than Piper deserves. I'm proud of myself for seeing this for what it is right away instead of needing to learn the hard way.

No SHIT! Did I actualy lean somethign from my past mistakes? Is this a sign of healthy thinking?


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  1. Oooh! You ARE smart!

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