Wednesday, April 7, 2010

La la la random

Piper want's a VW camper van (like Daddy's) for our summer's camping excurssions.
I am taking a Zumba class.
It's raining today, of course.
The bush on the other side of the crosswalk outside Piper's school has 139 berries.
We will be taking another route to avoid the daily counting of the berries on said bush from now on.
We have a re-eval IEP in a  few short weeks.
Piper mistakenly called me Daddy the other day and it hurt my feelings.
Piper said she wants to start a reptile collection.
I am not really fond of reptiles.
Spicy dark chocolate is a gift from the gods.
Claire Danes is starring in an HBO movie about Temple Grandin.
I am struggling with the mess I've been left to clean up by Jerkwad.

La la la la la

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