Friday, October 23, 2009

What Would Oprah Do?

I'm blogging on a Friday night. I'm a single mom so there are few other prospects for fun. Alas, I promised Oprah so...

I share a desk at work. The desk space is so valuable that every minute my office is open it must be utilized. Ok, not really I'm just one of the few lucky ones on the 5am crew up to greet the East Coast each day and so my desk is available at 1:30pm. At which time I leave it's Formica goodness and run my butt down to pick up my gal from school.

My desk mate is a sweet woman who is very respectful and shares well. We decorate our little corner of the world. All of the ladies do. ( Did I mention I work with 99% women? Oh yeah, well I do.) Her contributions to our shared space are thought provoking and interesting. Some are just plain funny. We need the humor, as our jobs can be quite stressful.

She has among her other treasures, a photocopied picture of Oprah. Old school O, with her news anchor hair and her patented 'youcantrustme smile'. On the pic is a post-it that says W.W.O.D.?

I often find myself giggling at the idea of her asking herself this, pondering the her own Oprahness.

But I really do wonder sometimes, "What would Oprah do?"


  1. So glad to have found another single mom with a "wicked sense of humor". Am looking pruriently forward to reading more from you.

  2. Egads. What would Oprah do? Make a gabillion bucks, either way. Shoot me an email - Would love to get to know you better on this journey.


  3. Oh! Hi! Readers... wow. @mama hehe I used that to lure you in, yay it worked!
    @ Pixie No kidding eh?