Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Product Reccomendations

I love a good testimonial. I could have made millions of dollars. If only all of the recommending I do for all the products I can't live without were paid advertisements by the companies that make the crap I'm so jazzed about. I practically sell the stuff! blarg. I already have a day job.

Anyhoooo, stuff. Stuff that works. Things that make life just a little bit easier, the right tool. I LOVE it! This really greases my wheels, lights my fire and's silly but um yeah. I really like stuff that works.

Same goes for this bloggy bloggy world. The stories and the "yeah. I've so lived that" moments and the tears and the joy. The community. The kindness. The love. The beauty of anothers words, making me feel it, making me see it through her eyes and feel every deliciously painful/joyful moment. Triumphs and tribulations. I cannot describe what all this makes me feel. I don't think I need to, because you get it don't you?

So that's my recommendation: Find your we of me.