Monday, January 10, 2011

Come out of the closet? NEVER

Piper sleeps in a closet. It's true. She has a lovely antique bed frame and a comfy mattress and she has eschewed it completly in favor of, that's right, the closet.

The first night she requested to sleep in the closet I was surprised. I'm the kind of mom that goes along with these kinds of things, if I see no harm or unintended consequence I figure why fight? So I filled the floor full of cushions and tucked my gal into her closet for the night. She slept a full 10 hours and woke up happy and refreshed.

The following night she again requested to sleep in the tiny closet. Again I granted permission. Night three? You guessed, closet.

I was beginning to feel bad for her. Here she has this cozy bed and comfy mattress yet she's sleeping on the floor? Yikes! So I set out to find a better solution. I took the top mattress off her bed and slipped it into the closet and wouldn't you know it fit like a glove!

Piper loves her new bed and as a result has halted her midnight visit to mine. A good nights sleep for us both! YAY!

So yeah, my kid sleeps in a closet. What of it?


  1. Now you can get rid of the bed frame and have even more room for playing in the bedroom!

    -Another mom that just goes with the flow :)

  2. We bought some very nice beds for Noah. He always insisted on sleeping under things on the floor. Finally, I decided to remake the room into a noah-friendly room by putting a small mattress underneath his desk. And he holes up in there and is SOOO happy. I totally understand. I should blog about that! :)

  3. My kids only recently started sleeping in their beds. They did a lot of sleeping on floors and on couches and chairs. They still do sometimes. I figure as long as they're happy and comfortable, why not? Especially if they'll leave you alone in the middle of the night, right?