Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Playing Favorites

I am Piper's favorite playmate and plaything!

Wait, did you read that? Go back and do it once more, I'll wait. *muzak plays*.

Okay, you get it now don't you? I AM HER FAVORITE!!!

I've read this line in many parenting books, articles and blogs "a child's favorite toy is their parent" and I always thought "yeah right, you've never met a kiddo with autism". Piper's first favorite toy was a bottle of mustard. Yup, I was upstaged by a mustard bottle. She took it with her everywhere in the house. She loved that darn thing! I even saw her write in the cement Piper + Mustard= BFF. Ok I'm kidding about that last part, but she really did dig the heck out of her mustard.

Fast forward about a year (aside: don't you wish you could actually do that sometimes?) and the mustard is replaced by a tire pressure gauge. Best. Toy. Ever.

This object loving perseveration continued until it settled around age three on : white kitty. A small beanie baby cat gifted to her by a cousin seemingly no different than any other stuffy except it was THE ONE. I quickly learned that no outing was complete without white kitty. Oh boy did I learn. White Kitty became the most important thing in our household aside from the people.

Until today. Today my gal asked me to play with her. YES. She. Did.

I was doing my own mommy thing per usual and picked up one of the toys I saw on the desk. It was a finger puppet she received for Christmas and I plopped it on my finger and gave it voice. "Hi I'm Marigold the Butterfly and I drink nectar". I expected the usual indifference but instead I got the present of a lifetime! She picked up the bat and joined in the pretend play. For a full half hour I had her complete and total engaged attention. WE PLAYED!

I feel like I just got an award, like I just was voted Mother of the year!

My daughter wants to play.  With me!!!!


  1. Mustard?!? That's hilarious!!

    You know, they say that if your child is perfectly happy playing with anybody but you that means you've done a great job of instilling self confidence and independence in them.

    Yeah, I call horseshit, too.

  2. I am seriously doing the happy dance over here!!! That's a miracle!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  3. @ A&A right? tooo awesome!
    @ Jilsmo it was really funny! it was just as she was walking so it was a traveling bottle and sometimes I'd find it in the funniest places! And yes I call BS.
    @ RHM Bust a move! I've been dancing for a week!

  4. woohooo!!! total engaged attention - such a sweet thing, right??

  5. Love this! Hooray for playing with your girl. I also love that she loved a mustard bottle. That's pretty funny.

  6. That is so wonderful. Puppets work wonders with my little man to engage with him.