Monday, January 18, 2010

Furry Goats

While visiting a friend's home Piper became obsessed fixated on two little "mice" toys laying about that are made from real fur. I aplogize if you are not a pet toy afficiando like ourselves and do not know about these fun little critters made for cats. They exist, I can assure you. Pipes did her ususal inspection of the dwelling making sure all the things that cried out for her attention received it in large doses. I love these particullar friends because they GET IT. They love Piper and find her humorous and adorable. They love her for her quirks just like they should. They have taken us into thier lives and it's wonderful to be around people who enjoy my daughter. May I share a secret? That is the quickest route to my heart; love my daughter and I'm all yours!

Of course after seeing how much she liked the cat toys they insisted she take them home. So we did and they are currently being well loved and the "must have" items of the week. She calls them her "furry goats".

I must tell you I take particular delight when she asks for these items in public: "Mama may I have my furry goats?". BAHAHAHAHA! The looks on peoples faces are priceless.
Aww kiddo you always keep me grinning!

Special shout out to MoD and A for the love, the looks, and the goods!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! Good luck with PPS, they are good people, for the most part, with their hearts in the right place, just doing their job. However, the IEP process is not fun and no matter how far we've come in accepting what is, sometimes the process appears cavalier and impersonal. I hope your experience is otherwise!

  2. Carrie your blog is a daily must read for me! I find so much inspiration there, thank you. I am hopeful too, I have had pretty good experiences so far but we are just beginning as Piper is only 6. I have an advocate and some moral support I'm sure it will be fine. I have a picture in my mind of a good outcome. <3