Thursday, January 7, 2010

The return of Jerkwad part II or Eye of the Tiger

Everyone survived the visit to the fast food family restaurant!! We met as planned. Jerkwad and Pie sat together at one table while she ate. I sat at my own table with a friend to give them privacy but I kept Piper in my vision. He motions me over after about 5 minutes and asked when we could sit down to discuss visitation arrangements. I politely declined to discuss anything in front of Piper and suggested he send me a text to make arrangements. He is irritated by this and rolls his eyes at me. You see Jerkwad has this uncanny ability to argue me into a corner and screw with my rational thinking. He gets my head all turned around. I'm trying to avoid this with the texting or emailing, it makes the communication more clear and less emotional. I am able to focus. He hates it because he can't manipulate me. Which is why I am sure it's the right method.

After another 5 minutes he walks over to my table, leaving Piper still sitting at their table. He says; "obviously you're too busy. I'll see Piper another time" and starts to leave. I begin to object but he just repeats himself and says goodbye to Piper. She hugs him and says goodbye but isn't upset to see him go. As he's walking away he calls back over his shoulder "Daddy doesn't live in California any more so you can see him when ever you want Piper". I am stunned. Guess he's here to stay. We finish our meal say goodbye to my friend and leave for home.

10 minutes.

He lasted 10 minutes.


  1. Bleck. He is so much like my Talking Turd of a wusband! I too am relying more on email for our communications -- it also allows me to have it documented that I am communicating with him in good faith so he can't claim later that I was being uncooperative.

    Keep it up!

  2. You said it Mama Edge, bleck. I take strength in knowing I am not alone, thank you for that. WE can do this! I am cheering for you too!