Wednesday, January 27, 2010

She is trying to maniplulate me! YAY!

Piper's fine motor skills are well..shall we say..a bit unfocused. Oh heck we're all friends here : she sucks at using scissors. She preforms most tasks that require coordination as if she were a giant person forced to live in a really tiny house. Everything is foreign and nothing seems to fit.

May I make a confession? I giggle uncontrollably during her dance classes. She lumbers about the veritable bull in the china shop. That however is not (entirely) where the laughing comes from. It's the sheer delight in her face as she's prancing around the dance room admiring herself in the mirror only able to focus on herself. Her attention flits in and out, sometimes the instructor is able to engage her sometimes not. I laugh in relief,  joy and pure love.

Anyway back to the scizzors, Pie cant use 'em so she is constantly trying to get me to cut her pictures out after hastily scribbling them with marker. She finds these tiny tiny parts to color, always animals and wants me to cut. cut. cut. I humor her for a few but then when it becomes well, obsessive, I draw the line and say I will do more cutting tomorrow.

This is where the manipulation comes in, she hears me say "I'm tired of cutting now" and counters with "Mommy you're not tired, you're healthy". With a melodramatic flair she hugs me and kisses my cheek and says "Oh Mommy you're the best cutter. You're the best maker! You're strong and healthy" and then she shows me her "guns" in a moc strong man pose.

Get's me every time.

Cut. Cut. Cut.


  1. Awww!

    How adorable she sounds. Glad she is finding joy in dancing. And manipulating. : )

  2. Listen: I know you THINK you want her to use scissors, but trust me, someday it will happen, you will grab your hair by the hands full and wail "WHY DID I ASK FOR THIS?!"

    I'm just sayin'